Technical Staff

Technical Staff

In today’s world of fluctuating workloads with critical time deadlines, the cumbersome process of alternatively recruiting and then laying off permanent staff can be a very costly and inefficient method of resource control.

A much better and more cost effective way to supplement your existing workforce is to use OPLE as a provider of Temporary Contract Staff. This will release you from the time consuming process of advertising and selecting the staff, statutory employment regulations, redundancy payments, pension payments etc.

You will only pay for the manhours worked, and signed off by you. Once the project is finished the contract staff finish too ……..and so do your staff costs for that project.

We provide:

  • Contract and Project Managers
  • Project Engineers
  • Engineering Technicians
  • Structural Steelwork Designers
  • Structural Steelwork Detailers
  • CAD Technicians
  • CAD Operators
  • 3D CAD Modellers